Ethan Kennerly

San Francisco

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17 years, 25 games.

GiveWell estimated medicine healed 62 infants. (1K vaccinations, 24K bed nets, 2K vitamin A)

Electronic Arts Mobile:

2021-Present, Design Home, Staff Game Engineer

Glu Mobile:

2017-2021, Diner Dash Adventures, Staff Game Engineer


2017, Word Snatchers Web, Co-Engineer/Co-Designer

2016, Masterpiece Web/Mobile, Engineer/Designer

2015, Taking Root Web, Additional Engineering and Design

2015, Continuum Web, Co-Engineer

2015, Highway Hazards Web/Mobile, Co-Engineer/Designer

2015, Editor's Choice Web/Mobile, Engineer/Designer

2014, Disillusion 2 Web/Mobile, Co-Engineer/Co-Designer

2014, River Ranger Web, Engineer/Designer

2014, Trouble Brewing Web/Mobile, Engineer/Designer

2013, Pet Detective Web, Engineer/Designer

2013, Star Search Web, Engineer/Designer

2013, Train of Thought Web, Engineer/Designer

2013, Speed Pack Web, Engineer/Designer

2012, Pinball Recall Web, Additional Engineering

2012, Memory Matrix 2 Web Port, Engineer

2012, Chalkboard Challenge 2 Web Port, Engineer

2012, Color Match 2 Web Port, Engineer


2011, Secret Kingdoms Online, Lead Level Designer


2006, Warhawk, Contract Designer/Scripter


2005, HeroCard Nightmare (boardgame), Design Team

2005, HeroCard Champions of New Olympia (boardgame), Co-Producer

2005, HeroCard Cyberspace (boardgame), Designer/Co-Art Director


1999-2002, Dark Ages: Online Roleplaying, Game Director

1998, The Kingdom of the Winds (MMORPG), Game Director

20th Century Fox:

1997, The X-Files Trivia Game (boardgame), Contract Game Concept Designer


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