Fairy Tales

Damiel, Glioca Priest of Mileth

The fae of the Enchanted Garden are suffering as the summer heat approaches. As the midsummer approaches, their nights need dreams. Their fae enchantment is fading. Without it, their wings will crumple, their sweet beothaich deum will sour, and their flowers will wilt. Its cause is a mystery to me, as much so as the original enchantment.

Yet I hear their cries. Please, the fae of the Enchanted Garden implore, if you have a fairy tale to share, bring it to inspire each fae of the Enchanted Garden. They need your Aisling light, embodied in song or story, verse or prose. Bring it and speak it for up to ten minutes on the appointed gathering. It must be no longer than ten minutes, for fear of losing the the fae's flittering attention. And there will only be an hour of fairy taling, so arrive soon enough to secure your opportunity to tell.

After the hour has passed, the finest of the fairy tales, as best as I can judge it, will be receive a geas and the first choice a few humble items the fae have offered, such as: a light belt, a polyp puppet, a sevti blossom, and a tulsi blossom. The second and third best of the night will receive their choice in turn. All will be praised for their part to enchant the garden. Without fresh tales, the garden may not be enchanted no longer. All are also welcome to attend, but please be quiet during the telling, and leave room for any to enter or leave. Myself, Damiel, friend of the fae Moiraine, and perhaps others will greet and receive fairy tellers presence.

The Lover's Glade, at the east corner of the Enchanted Garden.
((Monday, June 16, 2003 at 7 p.m. PST))

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