Garden Song

Damiel, Glioca Priest of Mileth

Murky blue of the first finger of night
washes over hydele and personaca in faerie light.
Mirthful dances in the tinkering bells of betony
Striving to sing summer's birth or spring's litany.

They will not be ignored.
Green chitin and smileless mouth
Bulbs for eyes and twigs for brows
You ever remind us this is your house
with your sharp claw and sharper scowl.
Find the fancy which you guard.
Let it twinkle in your eye.
Sit and let down your guard
Clear your anger-glazed eye.
Smell fascinating flowers.
Wander innocently
to and fro delicate towers
in your pollen-glee.

of what
the flower's scent
shall bring.

Betony bells ring out the beat of season's song.
As much as hydele blushes at the end of day's long
herbal search for remedies of the heart's malaise.

Deoch 10
((February 25, 2000))

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