Compo (Dec 14-16)
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Post-Compo (Dec 24) Peasants twice as tough.  Fire burns one.  Double score.
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Sleeping Dragon

Do not let peasants or knights steal your gold.
Release space bar to bite a peasant.
Or you can release mouse button.
Hold and release space bar exactly when eyes turn yellow to breathe fire.
To make it harder, play 2x speed: press Shift+2.  
To make it normal again, play 1x speed: press Shift+1.  

A game made in 2 days by Ethan Kennerly.
Ludum Dare 25, December 14-16, 2012.  
Theme:  You are the Villain
If you had fun, comment and vote:

Gameplay after Spike: A Love Story, which was suggested by Dave Alleca.
Dragon illustration after Airdin "Sleeping Dragon".
Peasant illustration after "Cartoon of a Peasant Walking with His Mule".