Game Design Education Guide

David Ethan Kennerly. 2003-2004.

Here is information for someone pursuing an education in game design. This focuses exclusively on the role played by the designer on the game development team. An education in digital art and programming is already established in many educational institutions. An education in game design is still being defined.

San Francisco State University

Personally, I would recommend a traditional education at a university. The fundamentals of computer science, such as analysis of algorithms, and the fundamentals of mathematics are wonderful tools that will not become obsolete in coming years. As another game developer remarked, go to college to get an education, not training. With a life ahead of the student, a university may enrich and deepen an appreciation of not just today's game products, but the conceptual strategies that underlie today's and tomorrow's game products.

But then again, I feel quite at home in the library and classroom of a university. Tom Sloper would also caution against focus on game design, and instead focus on a traditional major.

Here are some other game design options that have appealed to me and became the research for the bachelor's degree that I proposed. This list is not comprehensive. Several additional institutions exist that grant game-related degrees, as well as additional advice.


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