Free Ranger

A Better Life Awaits

    For chickens, that is. You are Rex Rooster and you are saving your sisters from Kenutky Factory farm.

    In this casual videogame, you'll experience:

    • Fast puzzle gameplay
    • Original music
    • Cartoon animatics
    • Facts about chicken farming


    To download the game, choose your platform:

    • Windows: EXE (3 MB)
    • Macintosh: HQX (4 MB)
    • Linux: SWF (2 MB)
      Or any platform with Flash player installed.

Comparative Ethical Calculus

    If you're interested in a theoretical model that explains in depth why chickens lives might be ethically important or how free range farming can be ethically preferable to veganism, see this long article by the designer, on
    Comparative Ethical Calculus.

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