Pearl Dive

Don't be greedy. 
When your air is at half, swim to the surface.

Collect pearls and resurface before you drown.
20 levels!
Watch out for rocks, kelp, and sharks!
Catch your breath at an air pocket.


Click to swim.
You only get one dive.
When you resurface with any pearls, you win.
You have enough air to swim about 10 strokes.
Click slowly.  Each stroke costs 10% of your air.  

Plan your route to get the most pearls.
You can replay a level to try to collect more pearls.
Your score is the most pearls you collected at each level.

2-day game jam by Ethan Kennerly.
Animation, sound by Isa Kretschsmer.
For Ludum Dare 29, April 25 to 27, 2014.
At The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment, 
Oakland, California.