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When is it moral for a group to do what is immoral for a member to do?
Robert Heinlein


    The Abridged Bill of Minority Rights (June 10, 2004)
    The top three new amendments to the US Constitution to advance democracy: 3. Right to Free Support. 2. Right to Equality. And 1. Right to Free Thought. Read more.

    Winners Occasionally Use Drugs
    Who knew?

    Operation TIPS
    As my Drill Sergeant told me, "Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying."

    The Unabridged Bill of Minority Rights (May 21, 2004)
    This a rough draft of a work in progress. The top ten new amendments to the US Constitution to advance democracy: 10. Right to Redress. 9. Right to Peace. 8. Right to Information. 7. Right to Sovereignty. 6. Right to Free Behavior. 5. Right to Nullify. 4. Right to Free Choice. 3. Right to Free Support. 2. Right to Equality. 1. Right to Free Thought. Read more.

    The Major Themes of Crisis and Leviathan (May 14, 2004)
    In 1987, Robert Higgs, a professor of economics at the time, wrote a book on political science entitled Crisis and Leviathan: Critical Episodes in the Growth of American Government. Despite his academic title, this book is classified as, and is, primarily a text of political science. In it he used fundamentals of economics, politics, and history to explain the nature of the expansion of American government. Read more.

    DEA - Operation Big Red (April 16, 2004)
    Nine concealed packages seized in San Francisco crackdown on Narco-terrorist drug ring. DEA agents shut down the largest recreational drug ring among pre-teen drug abusers. Check out the DEA's presentation.

    Looking for weapons of mass destruction? (April 10, 2004)
    Check now before the site moves.

    Weapons of Mass Destruction Discovered in Nevada, Bush Declares War on U.S. (April 8, 2004)
    In a televised press conference from the White House today, U.S. President George W. Bush announced that his unrelenting hunt for weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) has turned up a massive arsenal of nuke-u-lar weapons right here in the United States. The text of his speech appears below.

    What is libertarianism? (Early 1990s, revised March 16, 2004)
    I've heard libertarians (falsely) labeled as conservatives, by liberals. Yet liberals, and conservatives, should begin to realize that their ideologies are not the only possible, nor are they sufficient to inclusively describe many Americans. Find out how a libertarian defends civil rights more consistently than a liberal and fiscal responsibility more consistently than a conservative. This pretty much sums up libertarianism.

    Who lines their pockets... (April 2, 2004)
    ... voluntarily? T.D. Houfek pointed me to an interesting disclosure of campaign finances and local campaign contributions. As any veteran of advertising culture is well-aware, sponsors have an influence on the content. How does this affect the decisions of the decision-makers who overrule you for a living?

    Samuel Edward Konkin III -- 1947-2004 (March 2004)
    In memory of a libertarian journalist. Although I only met him once in Jeff's living room a few months before Sam's death, I think this eulogy is helpful for anyone interested in the history of libertarian ideology during the 1970s. Read on.

    On campus, free speech causes indigestion (February 8, 2004)
    Whatever you might feel about affirmative action, these bake sales are a humorous, creative and highly effective way of expressing one side of the debate. So effective, in fact, they spark college administrators to shut them down. Read more.

    The Mystery of Fascism (2003)
    And I thought I knew, at least in a vague sense, what Fascism was. This article changed my belief and provoked speculations on politics. Although the history of Mussolini was enlightening, what fascinated me most were the concepts of syndicalism and practical anti-rationalism.

    Flight Sim enquiry raises terror alert (January 8, 2004)
    A mother's enquiry about buying Microsoft Flight Simulator for her ten-year-old son prompted a night-time visit to her home from a state trooper.

    10 Greatest Books (January 2, 2004)
    Looking for a good book with a philosophical persuasion? This philosopher recommends these books.

    Daddy, why did we have to attack Iraq? (2003)
    Curious? Get the questions and answers about U.S. foreign policy and the invasion of Iraq.

    Think Responsibly Bookmark (18 December 2003)
    (1.4 mb). MS Word format.

    Think irresponsibly (16 December 2003)
    12 fluid ounces. The One and Only. Imported from England. Think irresponsibly.

    Hakim Bey, Boycott Cop Culture (1994)
    "Most of all, Bey doesn't come across as a cheesy, overzealous, visionary bard, but presents us with ideas point-blank, allowing us to be choosy in aiming our own forms of poetic terrorism against those forces that attempt to suppress and homogenize humility and free thought."

    Alex Grey
    "Alex Grey traces the evolution of human consciousness through art history, seeking the threads of art's abiding mission."

    The Iraqi Tar-Baby (May 22, 2003)
    "What a tangled web we weave when we seek to deceive. President George Bush justified his invasion of Iraq by claiming Baghdad was behind 9/11 and threatened America with weapons of mass destruction. To Washington's profound embarrassment, US forces in Iraq have so far failed to find any unconventional weapons or any links between Iraq and al-Qaida." Eric S. Margolis [Full Article]

    Empowering Customer Harassment (May 12, 2003)
    US courts will decide soon on whether they will relax the laws on when someone may be harassed, stalked, or blackmailed.

    TIA and the Limits on Algorithms (April 13, 2003)
    What is the likelihood of mistaken identity in terrorist suspicion profiling? Probably more than 10-to-1. Read full article (Scroll down to 13 April 2003).

    Process23 (April 11, 2003)
    Good new indy music CD. There's no dischord here.

    Homeland Insecurity Boardgame (Monday, March 31, 2003)
    As my US Army drill sergeant said, "You have to laugh to keep from crying."

    Evilometer - US Goes Gold! (Tuesday, March 25, 2003)
    The US's reputation for being evil just went gold. On a scale of one to ten, how evil are we yet?

    Violence Service Provider (Monday, March 24, 2003)
    Any violence that you witness will be the violence that we want you to perform, on whom we want you to perform it, when we want you to perform it.

    Put on a Human Face (Sunday, March 23, 2003)
    My personal opinion of the war on Iraq and a helpful suggestion.

    This Isn't About You (Monday, March 17, 2003)
    Antiwar movement should shut up about 'shutting it down' ? before the state shuts us down

    At the twilight's last gleaming (March 5, 2003)
    Hal Crowther eloquently conveys his opinion on Iraq, which I share.

    Lord of the Rings Essay (December 10, 2002)
    "Understanding the Ring" is now online, re-edited, and in HTML. Explore the depth beneath the surface of The Lord of the Rings. Learn how this epic reshapes ethics (HTML, MS Word 95).

    The Lit interview: Chuck Palahniuk (October 2002)
    Fight Club author discusses ethical failures in journalism and increasing pressure to censor in America.

    There's No Government Like No Government (December 1997)
    What the future looks like, according to Wired magazine's founder.

    New Element Discovered - Governmentium
    Political science.