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David Ethan Kennerly, March 24, 2003

A bill titled Prohibiting sale of violent computer and video games to minors. The bill specifies law-enforcement officials as the targets of violence, according to

So gulf war games, military glorification games, Medal of Honor, Ghost Recon, and slews of other forms of violence will not be affected. It's like as if McDonald's had just been given exclusive rights to everyone under the age of 18, and no other fast food chain allowed.

Except this isn't hamburgers; its psychological influence. It's the impressionable age. I respect that. I'm always careful what I say to or around children, so that they will have a good example to follow. Not so they will have their minds made up for them. Certainly not so they can become drones of a country that is defining 2003 as a victory for fascism and a defeat for Freedom where it counts most of all: in our own country.

This strikes me as insanity. It's as if our national servants are moving toward saying:

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