For me, meditation clears the mind and purifies the heart.

Soto Zen Buddhist Temple
A traditional Japanese zen temple.

San Francisco Zen Center
Here is a well-kept zendo and temple, founded by the author of the elegant book: Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind. It has zen meditation that is open to the public (

Yoga prepares the body to meditate.

  1. Kundalini yoga at Kundalini Yoga on Waller St. at Ashbury St. (
  2. Hatha yoga at Yoga Tree on Valencia St. at 23rd St.
  3. Hatha yoga at Yoga Tree on Stanyan at Waller St.
  4. Free yoga on Fridays at Yoga Tree on Stanyan St. at Waller St.
Why is yoga useful for meditation?
What do these yoga terms mean?

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