Here are my favorite neighborhoods to eat and walk around. I could go to these neighborhoods, walk around a bit, and find somewhere that I like to eat at and bookstores or other shops to browse at.
  1. Haight-Ashbury. Wierd, multi-cultural, and somewhat high crime. Haight from Stanyan to Divisadero St. Gamescape, a great game store, exist at Divisadero and Page St. Buena Vista park on Haight near Broderick. Steep. Good hill view of the city. Interesting international shops and used bookstores.
  2. Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley. Wierd, more-eco-than-thou, with a touch of college.
  3. Mission. African, Central American, and the rest of the world. Art and culture. The galleries are almost always closed on Mondays, and are usually open Wed-Sat. High crime. From 16th St. at Mission to 20th St. to Valencia. back up to 16th St. Park past Guerro. Women's Building on 18th & Guerrro. City Art Gallery on Valencia between 16th and 20th St. Painting on the side of The Apartment near 18th and Valencia. Painting on side of building on Mission between 16th and 18th St. Bravo Cafe near Valencia and 20th?. Muddy Waters Cafe on Valencia at 16th. X-21 bizzare furniture on Valencia between 20th and 18th St. Park at 18th and Church St.
  4. Inner Sunset. Californians with culture. Irving from 4th Avenue to 11th Avenue.
  5. Inner Richmond. Asian, Irish and more. Geary and Clement from 2nd Avenue to 6th Avenue.
  6. Richmond. Asian, Irish and more. Geary and Clement from about 17th Avenue to 29th Avenue.
  7. Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley. Multi-cultural and somewhat high crime. A good movie theater and a good game store exist nearby.
  8. College Avenue, Berkeley. Rich Californians with a touch of culture and college life. La Mediterrene restaurant.
  9. North Beach. Italian. Columbus Avenue and Broadway. Up along Columbus Avenue. City Lights bookstore near Columbus and Broadway.
  10. China Town. Washington Ave and Stockton. Next to North Beach. Outside Chinatown on California at Taylor is a glorious cathedral.
  11. Hayes-Valley. Yuppie with a touch of art. Laguna and Hayes. North of there is a St. Francis Cathedral.
  12. Sunset. Chinese. Irving from 18th Avenue to 26th Avenue.
  13. University Avenue, Berkeley. Somewhat multi-cultural. University Avenue near Telegraph Avenue and Shattuck Avenue.
  14. Noriega and 19th Avenue

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