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  • Game Script and Storyboard Creation (July 2004)
    ITT textbook
    Here are supplemental resources for the final chapter I wrote in ITT course textbook, Creative Writing and Storyboarding for Games. This chapter teaches how to write a spec game script (using screenplay format) and draw a storyboard for game preproduction. The resources include: game script template, storyboard template, additional resources, and links. Free online resources
  • Events and Quests
    Here are dozens of quests and events set in ancient Korea's The Kingdom of the Winds (based on the graphic novel by Jin Kim) or the Lovecraftian-celtic Dark Ages.
  • Seanchas Temuair (History of Temuair)
    Legend of the Lovecraftian-celtic fantasy setting for Dark Ages: Online Roleplaying. Based on "Legend of Darkness" by Soonsung Kwon and translated by Scott Lee. Available in Dark Ages library.
  • Library of Loures
    Editor of over 400 published articles, stories, poems, and artwork in the online library for the fantasy setting of Dark Ages.
  • Daybreak
    Background short story for the science fiction setting of the game Daybreak. This story was published in Korea's top gaming magazines.
  • Tree of Life
    Can you find her lost lover and banish the demons from the enchanted forest before the first day of Spring? Tree of Life, a D&D (d20) adventure and expansion, debuted at KublaCon.
  • The Entreaty
    An ancient call, a modern war.
    "The war between the Goblins and the Grimlocks have gone on for countless Deochs, both races often asking Aisling's to help them collect the maddening rocks from within the cave. Many have perished in this terrible war, and with no end in sight, so shall many more" (Taurlos). This is a pencil and paper roleplaying game in D&D d20 system adapted from Dark Ages: Online Roleplaying.
  • The Sacrifice
    Undying Undine, where are your children?
    It is the new year following the Entreaty in Pravat Cave. At each new year, the kobolds of Astrid plains celebrate Caroun, a poorly understood ritual of renewal. According to Zeroun, their shaman, the continued life and peace of the world depends on a great mortal sacrifice. This all takes place in the Astrid plains, which is famous for its mysterious hexagram at its center and its strangely straight and angular paths across the plain. This is a pencil and paper roleplaying game in D&D d20 system adapted from Dark Ages: Online Roleplaying.


  • The Diamond Age
    First act adapted from the novel by Neal Stephenson. Sample available on request.
  • The Little Princess and the Bookworm
    Original screenplay and storyboard for an interactive, multimedia, multilingual children's book, which is online. With a lot of help from Sheila and Sherry, I was able to take a small step toward one of my life long goals: to create a fairy tale that not only enchanted, but also educated. Here is what we were able to do in our spare time in three weeks: An original children's fairy tale in four languages. Open the book.
  • Gray
    First act adapted from the novel The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.
  • 0400 Hours
    Original short screenplay based on the true story of a Marine who went AWOL instead of to Iraq just a month before the war in 2003.



  • Damiel
    Writings by my alter ego in Dark Ages MMORPG. These are improvised; that is, typed while roleplaying online without a script.
  • Green and Gray
    A view over the ocean in Marin during Beltane inspired this.
  • Gem Midsummer
    A summer love poem.
  • Winter Bloom
    A winter love poem.



  • Understanding the Ring
    Essay on ethics in Lord of the Rings.
  • Nursery of Blackest Cancer
    Partial history of the Federal Government in early 1800s.
  • Recognizing a Revolution
    Partial history of the US revolution.
  • Spare R.I.B.S.
    Editor of a zine with poetry, art, essays and editorials, from back in the days before the Internet took off (1990-1994). There's a small blurb about issue 8 buried in the archives of Holy Temple of Mass Consumption guide to zines. The title refers to: Spare Reason Intuition, Beauty, and Sanity.



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